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Coast Salish

The Coast Salish Peoples inhabited the coast of the mainland from Bute Inlet in British Columbia to the Columbia River, dividing Washington and Oregon and those areas on Vancouver Island not occupied by the Kwak-Waka’wakw (Kwaguitl) and the Nuu-Chah-Nulth (“Nootka”), from Johnstone Straight to Port San Juan. They also occupied vast areas of western Washington state.

Coast Salish artists are imaginative artists with ancient traditions in carving.

Travis Henry

Nation – Coast Salish
Travis Henry is a well known and excellent Northwest Coast jewelry carver.  Origninally from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, he now lives in the Victoria area.  Travis has been carving since 1982 and was mentored by Paddy Seaweed and other members of the Seaweed family.  Travis and his brother Graham Henry both use the  Kwakwaka’wakw style in their carvings using negative space to create their designs.   Coast Salish Peoples have developed and passed down this style of art for many years.  Travis’s family crest is the Sun. 

Graham Henry


Graham Henry was born in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada.  He is a member of the Cowichan Band of the Coast Salish Nation.  He now resides in the Victoria area of Vancouver Island .  He was mentored by his brother Travis, his main teacher,  along with Patrick Seaweed.   

Graham takes the Eagle, a prestigious and high status symbol, as his family crest.  He has an intricate carving style and is constantly making new and unique designs.   He works in silver and gold.


Silver FX is honored to carry the work of these Indigenous artists.  We hope to allow others to respect and better appreciate Indigenous art.  We are committed to be mindful, respectful and to uphold our relationships with Indigenous artists by continually supporting their art and challenging Colonial biases.