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Kwak-Waka'wakw (Kwakiutl)

The Kwakiutl are known for their dramatic masks and extravagant totem poles.  Their regions covers the northeastern coastal tip of Vancouver Island and the British Columbia coastline somewhat north of Vancouver past but not including Bella Coola.

Kwak-Waka’wakw (Kwagiutl) carvings tend to have a strong, bold look with deep cut areas.   The supernatural bird masks such as the Thunderbird and the Kolus are Kwagiutl creations.  Many Kwagiutl artist were born and raised in Alert Bay, BC, Canada.

Coast Salish

The Coast Salish inhabited the coast of the mainland from Bute Inlet in British Columbia to the Columbia River, dividing Washington and Oregon and those areas on Vancouver Island not occupied by the Kwak-Waka’wakw (Kwaguitl) and the Nuu-Chah-Nulth (“Nootka”), from Johnstone Straight to Port San Juan. They also occupied vast areas of western Washington state.

Coast Salish artists were imaginative artists with ancient traditions in carving.

Paddy Seaweed

Paddy Seaweed was born and raised in Alert Bay, British Columbia on the westcoast of Vancouver Island. His mother’s family is from the Village Island and his father’s family is from Turnour Island.  He is the youngest son in the family.  The family Kwakiutl crest is the Kolus, which is a Baby Thunderbird covered in down. The Kolus is a supernatural bird.  Legend is that the Kolus became overheated by the down and shed it’s down revealing a human image being given great strength.

Paddy was trained in jewelry carving by Lloyd Wadhams.

He was always interested in drawing, then moved into wood carving and from there, into silver and gold. Paddy’s older brothers, Alfred and Norman Seaweed are also well known carvers from the westcoast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

Paddy Seaweed is an excellent well renowned artist.  He designs stunning and unique jewelry with clean, crisp lines.  Each piece is signed by the artist making each piece a timeless piece of wearable art.

Many of Paddy’s designs can be viewed and purchased online or see our calendar under “Shows”  to visit us personally to see the many other one of a kind pieces.

Donald Lancaster

Tribal Affiliation: Kwakwaka’wakw
Birthplace: Alert Bay, BC
Birthdate: Unknown
Don Lancaster, a member of the Namgis First Nations, began carving at the age of 16.

He watched his uncle Norman Seaweed carve a few times, then began carving on his own. He started out with copper, and then quickly moved on to silver and gold. He is traditional in his artwork, it is all hand carved and polished.

No machines are used in the carving process. Don is always trying new designs and coming up with new ideas, always keeping with the traditional methods.

Travis Henry

Nation – Salish
Travis Henry is a well known Northwest Coast jewellery carver. Travis is one of many Northwest Coast Native artists preserving the traditions of his ancestors.

Graham Henry

Graham Henry was born in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada.  He is a member of the Cowichan Band of the Coast Salish Nation.

The Coast Salish Nation inhabits the southern region of British Columbia.

Graham takes the Eagle, a prestigious and high status symbol, as his family crest.  He has an intricate carving style and is constantly making new and unique designs.   He works in silver and gold.

Graham’s brother, Travis Henry, was his main teacher.  He also worked with Patrick Seaweed a well renowned carver from Alert Bay, BC.    His favorite design is the Hummingbird.

Graham carves many of our First Nation Silver or Silver and Gold rings.  We do not show these online but you are welcome to view these by visiting us directly.  Look under “Shows” or “Calendar of Events”  to view our extensive selection of one of a kind pieces that do not get into our online store.

Harold Alfred

Harold is born into the Namgis First Nation of Alert Bay, a member of the Kwakawaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) peoples.

Growing up he was surrounded by outstanding artists and carvers and his work reflects their profound influence.

His designs are deeply rooted in tradition but he is always striving to express his own particular style and sets himself the highest standards possible which is clearly evident in his work.

His logo is the Thunderbird which symbolize his roots as a Namgis Artist.  He has taken courses with renowned Westcoast artist Tony Hunt of the Kwagulth people.  Working in silver and gold he creates many stunning one of a kind pieces.

Harold also designs incredible and unique stained glass creations and many wood sculpting pieces and totem poles.

Gary Seaweed

Gary was born in Alert Bay to Ann and Alfred Seaweed. Growing up, Gary was surrounded by a very artistic family, including his parents and also his uncles and cousins.

Gary is a talented carver and jewelry designer, he trained under the guidance of his father, Alfred Seaweed and uncle, Patrick Seaweed.

Gary has created his own a distinctive style of carving.  He is doing wonderful work and we look forward to carrying many pieces by Gary Seaweed.