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How to Clean and Care for Jewelry

No gemstone jewelry should be worn for many activities like dishwashing, gardening, house cleaning, working on cars, etc.

Even diamonds and sapphires chip and crack when hit on cleavage planes. Soapy water and a soft brush will do the job but be sure to be gentle so you do not loosen your stones.

We are constantly being asked which is the best way to clean silver.

Below are some helpful hints and products that will help keeping your silver looking shiny and new:

We recommend a Sunsine Polishing Cloth to brighten up your Jewelry.

This is a thick soft cloth embedded with a gentle silver cleaning agents to safely clean sterling silver jewelry.

Purchase these cloths here for only $6.00 each.

These Sunshine Polishing Cloths will last you a very long time and can be used many many times.

Keep in mind that silver is quite soft and can be scratched , so be sure to clean your piece gently.

How can you prevent the Silver from Tarnishing?

Try keeping your silver jewelry stored in Zip-loc Baggies.

This will help keep your Sterling Silver Jewelry looking bright and shiny

How to Care for Amber

While amber is durable enough to withstand millenia, it is also fragile. Even so, caring for amber jewelry couldn’t be easier.

Your new amber is alive. The stones are still breathing & interacting with the environment. The colour may change over time this is expected & contributes to the unique, intensely individual nature of amber. Each piece of amber ages differently. Each is composed of different combinations of plant materials & fossil inclusions. Science has yet to replicate the chemical signature of amber in the laboratory, so amber retains not only beauty, but also a bit of mystery.

Because amber is brittle, the owner should avoid allowing it to come into sharp contact with hard surfaces. For example, the owner should take an extra moment to set it down on a dressing table rather than casually tossing it.

Store amber away from direct sunlight.

If luster is ever a concern, simply apply a tiny drop of olive oil & rub with soft flannel. “Less is more” with the olive oil.

If the amber itself becomes dirty you can clean it in a mild soap and water

If your piece is surrounded with silver you can polish the silver with a silver polishing cloth. Make sure no harsh chemical cleaners come into contact with your amber.

If you follow these easy guidelines, your amber jewelry will reward you with a lifetime of service & wonder.

It will stay just as beautiful as it is the day you purchased it.