Orca earrings hand-carved First Nations sterling silver


Orca Hand-carved silver earrings by BC First Nations artist, Graham Henry. Signed by the artist - terrific design 1 1/2" long incl. hook  1/2 inch wide.

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The Orca symbolizes kindness, intelligence and compassion. The Orca is also known as the guardian of the sea and guardian of travel and also is a symbol of unity and goodness. The Orca is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. It is because of this nature that they are known for their strong sense of family values and unity. An Orca near the shore is thought to be a human transformed, trying to communicate with his family.

Graham Henry
Graham Henry was born in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. He is a member of the Cowichan Band of the Coast Salish Nation.

The Coast Salish Nation inhabits the southern region of British Columbia.
Graham takes the Eagle, a prestigious and high status symbol, as his family crest. He has an intricate carving style and is constantly making new and unique designs. He works in silver and gold.
Graham’s brother, Travis Henry, was his main teacher. He also worked with Patrick Seaweed a well renowned carver from Alert Bay, BC. His favorite design is the Hummingbird.

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