First Nation Feather Spirit Bead hand-carved in sterling silver by BC Coast Salish artist, Travis Henry. Sterling Silver 3/8 inches wide 1 2/4 inches around.

Looks terrific on our 18 or 20 inch box link chains - sold separately.

The eagle feather plays a substantial part in religious and shamanic practices and ceremonies. The eagle feather transmits strength; it gives the ability to speak honestly from the heart, without hurt or anger. The middle vane in the feather symbolises the path that every man walks in their life time, and every barb that comes of the middle vane symbolises the choices we all have in life, and that every choice we make is attached to the middle or main path that we take. Eagle feathers are used while smudging along with praying. The feathers were also given as symbolic gift to impart respect for accomplishment and display of courage and wisdom.


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