Otter Spirit Bead hand-carved in solid sterling silver by First Nations Coast Salish artist, Travis Henry.  The full body of the Otter is carved on the bead.  Travis Henry is a well renowned carver and jewelry designer.  He is a member of the Cowichan Band on Vancouver Island, BC.

The spirit beads look fantastic on our 058 box link chains - sold separately.

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The Otter is intelligent, resourceful and agile. It is also among the most playful of all creatures. The Otter symbolizes laughter and light-heartedness. Many years ago Otter learned that life was too short to fill with nothing but tasks. Instead,she chose to take a playful attitude towards things she had to do.But there is still time to be serious when it comes to important things, like protecting her family, she focuses all her energy on that. She takes time to enjoy her children and discover the grace and beauty of the world around her.


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