This piece by Paddy Seaweed is just stunning and a true work of art.  One of a kind.    It is 1 1/2 inches wide.   On the top there are two bears with their teeth in the middle.  On either side of the bracelet you will see two large Ravens.  signed by the artist.  Incredible workmanship.

Paddy Seaweed
Paddy Seaweed was born and raised in Alert Bay, British Columbia on the west coast of Vancouver Island. His mother’s family is from the Village Island and his father’s family is from Turnour Island. He is the youngest son in the family. The family Kwakiutl crest is the Kolus, which is a Baby Thunderbird covered in down.

The bear symbolizes family and strength. The bear in Northwest West Coastal Native Culture represents strength and learned humility through motherhood and teaching and is an important family crest associated with family and children. The bear is a well respected member of the community. Some bears return to the same den for hibernation, for which reason they are associated to home. Bears winter with their young until they are yearlings, for which reason they are associated to family. A Mother bear will always fight to protect it young and can be very fierce in this situation but then can be gentle and quiet as well. Black bears are depicted with a short snout, short ears, small tail, and sometimes hanging tongue.

The raven is a key part of many North West Coast legends and stories. In many stories the raven teaches us about life and right from wrong. The raven is often misbehaving but never boring. He symbolizes change in life, creativity, and humor. The Raven is the bringer of light as it is said that the raven released the sun and moon. The Raven is known as a trickster or the catalyst for change, causing many changes to transpire, as Raven gets bored quickly and is continually looking for things to amuse himself. Raven is quick to take action, extremely curious.

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