Stunning workmanship in this 1 and 1/2 inch wide solid copper Eagle Bracelet.  Hand-carved by well renowned First Nation artist, Paddy Seaweed from Alert Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  signed by the artist.

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Peace, Wisdom, Power, Spirituality and Friendship.
The eagle is the ruler of the sky and has the ability to transform itself. The eagle also has a connection with our creator. It symbolizes grace, power, and has great intellectual abilities. The Eagle is a sacred, wise and noble creature representing power and prestige to the First Nations People of the Northwest Coast. The gift the eagle shares is the ability of foresight, and an indication of good times to come. Eagles mate for life and is accepted as a sign of lasting spousal dedication.
The Eagle and can be identified by a powerful beak whose upper half ends in a strong downward curve with piercing eyes, feathers and large talons. The Eagle is frequently depicted on totem poles, masks, prints and jewelry.

Paddy Seaweed
Paddy Seaweed was born and raised in Alert Bay, British Columbia on the westcoast of Vancouver Island. His mother’s family is from the Village Island and his father’s family is from Turnour Island. He is the youngest son in the family. The family Kwakiutl crest is the Kolus, which is a Baby Thunderbird covered in down. The Kolus is a supernatural bird. Legend is that the Kolus became overheated by the down and shed it’s down revealing a human image being given great strength.
Paddy was trained in jewelry carving by Lloyd Wadhams.
He was always interested in drawing, then moved into wood carving and from there, into silver and gold. Paddy’s older brothers, Alfred and Norman Seaweed are also well known carvers from the westcoast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.
Paddy Seaweed is an excellent well renowned artist. He designs stunning and unique jewelry with clean, crisp lines. Each piece is signed by the artist making each piece a timeless piece of wearable art.


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